The TELLAPRIALBI app for hepatic tumor resection stratification.

Assessing the severity of illness for patients suffering from hepatical tumors and predicting postoperative liver dysfunction after resection is an important but challenging task in clinical routine. The APRI and ALBI scores are commonly used to guide such cinical assessment. Combining these scores, the APRI+ALBI score provides even better performance of assessment and prediction regarding 30-day-mortality after surgery.

TELLAPRIALBI allows medical professionals to

  1. enter relevant lab parameters (platelet count, AST, albumin and bilirubin levels)
  2. automatically compute APRI, ALBI and APRI+ALBI scores from these parameters for comparative review
  3. select from a variety of hepatic tumor types together with the respective extent of resection and
  4. view clinical interpretation plots regarding 30-day-mortality post operation that highlight the risk class indicated by the APRI+ALBI score and show a number of details relevant for interpretation.

The app is intended for educational use by medical professionals and to allow review and comparison of the APRI+ALBI score and its predictive quality. It must not be used as a medical device and shall not replace clinical judgment. All information entered into the app and computed by it is processed exclusively within the app on the user’s device and no information is stored, transmitted or shared by the app.

We developed TELLAPRIALBI with the Translational Experimental Liver Laboratory at the Medical University of Vienna (TELLVIENNA). It is based on a joint research paper which has been accepted and is currently in print at BMJ Open.